Change Enrollment Options

We understand financial challenges happen, but that doesn’t mean you need to neglect your training permanently.

Reduced Fee Option

We are all in this together! For students and families experiencing financial hardship, but still want you to be members so we are offering a reduced fee option. Pay what you can afford and remain a member of the gym.

Discounted Fee Form

How much do you need to reduce your tuition?

Pause Enrollment Option

For students & families experiencing financial hardship we are offering a financial hardship pause of payments with 30 days notice. This allows you to pause your payment, and continue again when your finances permit. 

Pause Enrollment Form

How long do you anticipate a payment pause?

Auto Pay will continue after alloted time unless notified.

Drop Enrollment Option

If you are leaving the gym and need cancel your membership, advance notice submitted 30 days prior in order to stop the EFT draft on the 6th of the following month. No phone calls can be accepted.

Drop Enrollment Form